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Microbiome Conferences in 2024

List of Available Microbiome Grants - Updated for 2024

Long-read vs short-read sequencing in microbiome research

Inspiring stories from women in microbiome science, on International Day of Women and Girls in Science

What is a strain? Strain-level identification in microbiome analyses

IMPACTT 3 Symposium

Poster: Multiomics Integration For Characterizing Microbial-Based Products

Shotgun Metagenomic Sequencing Guide

How to Incorporate Metatranscriptomics into your Microbiome Study

16S rRNA Gene Sequencing vs. Shotgun Metagenomic Sequencing

16S rRNA Sequencing Guide

Team Insights: Kody Fung

The Importance of Quantification in Microbiome Science

Team Insights: Sarah Carden

Shotgun Metagenomic Sequencing: Determining Depth

Team Insights: Seanon Crean

The importance of longitudinal analysis in human microbiome studies

Team Insights: Pedro Dimitriu

Team Insights: Ben Amuwo

Optimising DNA extraction for microbiome studies

Team Insights: Sara Liu

Team Insights: Hatem Dhaker

Team Insights: Rachel Floyd

Team Insights: Malcolm Kendall

Pharmacomicrobiomics – The role of the gut microbiome in the response to drugs

Team Insights: Karl Moran

Team Insights: Yuling Li

Team Insights: Ben Tantika

Team Insights: Iryna Borzilova

Biomes Podcast Show Notes: Season 2 Ep 6 with Dr. Brett Finlay

Biomes Podcast Show Notes: Season 2 Ep 5 with Dr. Marie-Claire Arrieta

Biomes Podcast Show Notes: Season 2 Ep 4 with Dr. Wendy Garrett

Biomes Podcast Show Notes: Season 2 Ep 3 with Prof. Paul Cotter

Team Insights: Erick Cardenas Poire

Biomes Podcast Show Notes: Season 2 Ep 2 with Jack Gilbert

Summary of the 8th Microbiome Probiotics R&D and Business Collaboration Forum

Our Team Perspectives on World Microbiome Day

Introducing the Microbiome Study Guide, a Guide to Microbiome Research

Christine Pierce on the microbiome and cancer, part II: Optimizing treatment

Christine Pierce on the microbiome and cancer, part I: Cancer etiology

The science behind Bill Gates’ vision: Will next-generation sequencing realistically contribute to solving the problem of child undernutrition?

Shallow Shotgun Sequencing: A Primer

Considerations when choosing a collection device for your fecal samples

Why study probiotics for inflammatory bowel diseases?

Interpreting your fecal short-chain fatty acid data

Global initiative focuses on agricultural microbiomes to link productivity, food quality, and better health

Studying the Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis and Behaviour

Happy International Women's Day from Microbiome Insights

Should everyone in the microbiome field adopt the same standards?

‘What to expect when you’re expecting to grow old’: An interview with Whole Body Microbiome co-authors, Drs. Jessica and Brett Finlay

Microbiome Insights’ Top Five Moments of 2018

Why and how do scientists study the microbiome? Highlighting the Microbiomes in Transition Initiative [VIDEO]

Global Engage 6th Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum Summary: Days 1 & 2

Rethinking germs: Healthy living with our microbes [VIDEO]

Denise Kelly representing Seventure on what makes a successful microbiome company

Microbiome Movement Skin Health & Dermatology Conference Summary: Days 1 & 2

How Microbiome Insights can help with your Canadian microbiome research grant application

Ten Microbiome Thought Leaders You Need to Know

Highlights of the Microbiome Drug Development Summit 2018 in Boston

4th Annual Translational Microbiome Conference: Day One Summary

New tools could mean profound changes ahead in medicine, says Canadian Medical Hall of Fame inductee Dr. Brett Finlay

What can metagenomics do for you?

How microbiome science is leading to human nutritional innovations

Banff Keystone Symposia on Gut Microbiota: Day Three Summary

Banff Keystone Symposia on Gut Microbiota: Day Two Summary

Banff Keystone Symposia on Gut Microbiota: Day One Summary

Four important areas for harnessing the microbiome in agriculture

How to Design a Skin Microbiome Study, Part II: Amplicon Sequencing

How to Design a Skin Microbiome Study, Part I: Sampling

Microbiome Insights' Year in Review: 2017 by the numbers

How close are microbiome-modulating therapies that target the brain? A quick overview of the evidence

From the human genome to the human microbiome: Toward clinical applications

Microbiome Research: Don’t Forget The Fungi


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