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What is a strain? Strain-level identification in microbiome analyses

Microbiome research has revealed the huge microbial diversity within the human body and the environment. The human gut alone contains thousands of species of bacteria, not to mention other microbes such as fungi and archaea. Each of these species can have a different function within the human body...

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IMPACTT 3 Symposium

We were honored to sponsor and to attend the Having IMPACTT 3: Advancing Microbiome Research Symposium from July 10th to 12th, 2023 held at the Malcolm Hotel in Canmore, Alberta. Organized by the Integrated Microbiome Platforms for Advancing Causation Testing and Translation (IMPACTT) and the...

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Poster: Multiomics Integration For Characterizing Microbial-Based Products


Microbial-based products (MBPs) are a type of “green” product that contains microbes as active ingredients. In 2019, Health Canada and Innovative Solutions Canada put forward a challenge seeking robust and cost-effective solutions to identify, characterize and predict possible...

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Shotgun Metagenomic Sequencing Guide

Microbiome research relies on accurate identification and classification of thousands of microbial species in a single biological sample. To date, this has largely been conducted using amplicon sequencing, such as 16S rRNA gene sequencing for the identification of bacteria and archaea. However,...

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How to Incorporate Metatranscriptomics into your Microbiome Study

What we will review in this blog:

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16S rRNA Gene Sequencing vs. Shotgun Metagenomic Sequencing

Are you a company, lab or researcher planning a new microbiome study?  If so, you are probably considering whether to conduct 16S rRNA gene sequencing or shotgun metagenomic sequencing. Although 16S rRNA gene sequencing has been more commonly used for microbiome studies to date, shotgun metagenomics...

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Microbiome Conferences in 2023

So great to have in-person conferences again! Every year we compiled a list of both in-person and online microbiome conferences from around the world, which cover all aspects of the microbiome from stage (basic science, R&D, commercialization) to application (human, animal, plant, environmental,...

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16S rRNA Sequencing Guide

16S rRNA sequencing has been used extensively in microbiome research to identify the composition of bacteria and archaea within a wide variety of microbiomes from the human gut to the Amazon rainforest.

In this guide, we will explore the principles and applications of 16S rRNA sequencing, including...

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Team Insights: Kody Fung

Welcome back to Team Insights, where we offer you a chance to get to know a Microbiome Insights team member on a deeper level. For our newest issue of Team Insights, we bring in a new member of our Laboratory team: Kody Fung. We're excited to welcome Kody into the Microbiome Insights team, and...

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The Importance of Quantification in Microbiome Science

Next-generation sequencing is a hugely powerful tool in microbiome science to study what microbes and microbial genes are within a certain environment. This has led to major advances in our understanding of human health, environmental science and basic biology. However, next-generation sequencing...

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