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My name is Dr. Ruairi Robertson. 10 years ago I wasn’t sure what to study in University. People kept telling me to do what I enjoy. I enjoyed food. So I studied it and haven’t stopped since.

Entries by Ruairi Robertson, PhD

The science behind Bill Gates’ vision: Will next-generation sequencing realistically contribute to solving the problem of child undernutrition?

In a recent lecture at the University of Cambridge, Bill Gates argued that the key to solving child malnutrition, one of the biggest global contributors to inequity, lies in deeper understanding of the gut microbiome. Much microbiome research has focussed on the influence of the gut microbiome...

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Shallow Shotgun Sequencing: A Primer

It is common for microbiome researchers to struggle over the choice between 16S sequencing or shotgun metagenome sequencing (SMS) for their study. When deciding which sequencing technique to use, it is essential to consider a number of factors including the research question, study design and...

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