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Happy International Women's Day from Microbiome Insights

At Microbiome Insights, we're proud of the women on our team who help us do what we do. It's important to us that we recruit only the best and most driven individuals -- and we are proud that more than 40% of our employees and leaders are women. 

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Microbiome Insights' Year in Review: 2017 by the numbers

This year, 2017, will go down in Microbiome Insights history as the year the company hit its stride and established itself as a leader in the microbiome testing field. The challenging work our team has been doing since we were founded in 2015 clearly paid off—as evidenced by our expanding client...

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How close are microbiome-modulating therapies that target the brain? A quick overview of the evidence

Debate exists about how soon knowledge about the gut-brain axis will bear fruit. Yet the microbiome-gut-brain axis is a hot topic of scientific investigation and several companies around the globe are actively pursuing gut microbiome therapies that focus on brain-related conditions.

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