I am very excited that my job lets me research and tell great science stories; in the written form our through audio such as podcasts. I am always on the lookout for new projects and collaborations so feel free to get in touch. My educational background is in Biology, Parasitology, Ecology and Genetics. I have 6 years of research experience and hold a PhD. This has given me an excellent understanding of research methodology and which allows me to distil complex ideas into easy to understand pieces for a variety of audiences.

Entries by Bradley van Paridon

Novel combination of techniques improves identification of soil bacteria involved in wood decomposition: The latest from Mohn lab

In a bid to overcome the limitations of what scientists found previously from culture-dependent studies, new research shows stable isotope probing, coupled with next-generation sequencing techniques, can be used to identify which organisms living in the complex microbial soil community are involved...

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Stanford group draws wide expertise from Microbiome Insights & others to complete Chan Zuckerberg Biohub's Tabula Muris project

A detailed database of transcriptomic data from over 100,000 individual cells taken from the mouse model organism Mus musculus, titled Tabula Muris, is now available for use by biomedical researchers around the world. This work, completed by the The Tabula Muris Consortium, was a project funded by...

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New publication from Mohn Lab shows diversity and significance of steroid-degrading bacteria is largely underestimated

Steroids in the environment accumulate from both natural and anthropogenic sources. Cholesterol, for example, is an essential part of cellular membranes and a natural source of steroids in the environment. Anthropogenic sources include steroid hormones associated with birth control pills....

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Publication from Mohn Lab assesses genetic potential of the forest soil microbiome post-harvesting

Harvesting trees from forests, even when replanting efforts are made, has a huge impact on the long-term functioning of the soil microbiome. The unique microbial community in the soil performs essential tasks like decomposing plant material, which recycles nutrients for new plants to use. Plus,...

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Study led by Afribiota investigators shows stunted growth in children is associated with gastrointestinal ‘de-compartmentalization’

Stunting, the impaired growth and development of children, affects an estimated 155 million children per year. This represents roughly 25% of the world’s children and there exists a substantial lack of knowledge regarding the underlying causes and potential treatments. Current thinking on stunting...

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New paper from Microbiome Insights co-founder on critical window for the gut microbiome in infants and the later occurrence of asthma

Among serious and chronic childhood diseases, asthma is the most prevalent. Currently there exists no cure for asthma—only treatments designed to help manage symptoms. Recently, a body of research attempting to unravel how this condition develops  in young children has emerged, so that prevention...

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