Microbiome Insights Launches Cutting-Edge Metatranscriptomic Sequencing Services

Microbiome Insights awarded Innovative Solutions Canada contract by Health Canada to enhance regulatory testing for microbial biotechnology product

Press Release: Microbiome Insights Opens Office in Ireland to Better Serve Clients in Europe

Press Release: Microbiome Insights Laboratory Receives Accreditation from the College of American Pathologists (CAP)

Press Release: Microbiome Insights publishes a comprehensive microbiome study guide to help researchers plan and conduct studies

Statement from Microbiome Insights on Racism

PRESS RELEASE: Microbiome Insights recognized for the fourth consecutive year in list of BC’s top emerging life sciences companies

Message on Covid-19 from Microbiome Insights

New paper challenges microbiome researchers to critically examine causality, including how animal-model results apply to humans

New review publication: Do soil microbes ultimately contribute to climate change, or mitigate it?

PRESS RELEASE: Microbiome Insights launches new shallow shotgun sequencing service

Microbiome Insights workshop brings Emory University researchers up to date on latest methods for microbiome analysis

New study helps disentangle gut microbiome signature of obesity versus type 2 diabetes

Experts publish summary on microbiome contributions to age-related diseases and possible interventions to support healthy aging

Mohn Lab uncovers gut microbiome differences in 3-month-old infants who go on to develop allergic disease

Landmark study tracks how microorganisms and metabolites change over time in inflammatory bowel disease

PRESS RELEASE: New Study Finds Key Factors That Shape the Skin Microbiome, Including Age and Lifestyle Choices

Microbiome experts describe how to uncover contributions of microbial communities to climate change and ecosystem stability

Mouse study highlights role of NOD2 gene in gut microbiota resilience following antibiotics

New work shows gut microbial taxa might vary, but function is stable in people with Crohn's disease in remission

Microbiome Insights scientific advisory board member Curtis Huttenhower contributes to research identifying thousands of new human microbiome species

Novel combination of techniques improves identification of soil bacteria involved in wood decomposition: The latest from Mohn lab

Stanford group draws wide expertise from Microbiome Insights & others to complete Chan Zuckerberg Biohub's Tabula Muris project

New publication from Mohn Lab shows diversity and significance of steroid-degrading bacteria is largely underestimated

Publication from Mohn Lab assesses genetic potential of the forest soil microbiome post-harvesting

PRESS RELEASE: Rebiotix and Microbiome Insights collaborate on a microbiome IBD tool for clinical development

Study led by Afribiota investigators shows stunted growth in children is associated with gastrointestinal ‘de-compartmentalization’

PRESS RELEASE: Microbiome Insights receives funding from the Government of Canada to develop new microbiome testing platform for managing chronic disease

New paper from Microbiome Insights co-founder on critical window for the gut microbiome in infants and the later occurrence of asthma

As founding sponsor of Hanson Wade Skin Health & Dermatology conference, Microbiome Insights speaks about skin microbiome study design

Microbiome Insights co-founder Dr. Brett Finlay to speak at Institut Pasteur event

Microbiome Insights hosts students for educational laboratory tour

Dr. Julian Davies speaks at celebration marking the opening of Microbiome Insights' new lab facility

PRESS RELEASE: Microbiome Insights, Global Leader in Microbiome Testing, Expands to New Lab Facilities on UBC Campus

Microbiome Insights to mark opening of new lab space with champagne reception and microbiome poster competition

Microbiome Insights included in list of BC’s top emerging life sciences companies

PRESS RELEASE: Exploring the ‘second genome’ for new insights: Genome BC invests in local microbiome startup

Microbiome Insights sponsors inaugural Microbiome Human Nutrition Summit in Boston

At Understand Your Genome event, Microbiome Insights participates in latest discussions on genome sequencing for disease prediction and prevention

At #ASHG17, Microbiome Insights offers a chance to win 50 complimentary samples for amplicon sequencing

Microbiome Insights recognized in BCIC-New Ventures Competition: Growth shows demand for capitalizing on potential of microbiome

Microbiome Insights' co-founders participate in Personalized Medicine Initiative webinar

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Microbiome Insights Establishes Scientific Advisory Board

Life sciences industry leaders form Microbiome Insights’ inaugural board of directors

Microbiome Insights Officially Incorporates